"Thank you immensely for creating such a unique and necessary program 
for children! Tumblebus is a highlight of our son Pierce's week.
It is one day he always looks forward to and we thank you for creating a
fun and fit experience. Now that summer is upon us, our son asks to 
go outside more and one of his favorite things to show us are 
his Tumblebus moves. He demonstrates his forward rolls in the grass,  
jumps off of anything he can manage to crawl upon and flips off of 
anything he can find. It is so much fun to watch his physical capacity and 
confidence growMany Thanks"  The Farrahi's.

My daughter Evangeline participates on Tumblebus at Sandbox in Orland Park.  Thanks so much!  Evie loves Tumblebus and always asks if it is Friday yet as she knows that's when Tumblebus comes to her school!  Thanks for all you do for the children!"  Stephanie Jensen

"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you do with the children on Tumblebus.  Colin couldn't wait until Tumblebus day.  I enjoyed hearing the children having a wonderful time while learning how to exercise.  You created a new adventure each week.  I only wish I was small again to do all those fun things!  You have a great imagination and it was endearing to see you capture that same experiene with the kids."  Janet Le Grand Rice

"The Tumblebus has been such a great experience for my son!  The instructors have made the program enjoyable and rewarding for him by applying exercise in a game-like environment!  I love that he is part of something that he looks forward to every week!  I can't express how grateful my husband and I are to have our son be part of such a program.  I am one very happy Mom!"  
Natasha Smith

"My kids love the Tumblebus. Every week they look forward to TumblebusTuesday's. In this day of electronic fun, I think it's great that theTumblebus promotes the importance of fun fitness at a young age. I hope theTumblebus helps instill in my children the healthy benefit of being activeand playing safely with others while having such a fun time.  Thanks for providing such a fun adventure for them" 
Sheila Sailsbery 

"My children love Tumblebus!  After every session, they always come running to me telling me how much fun they had.  I am very happy they have the opportunity to participate in the Tumblebus program."
Renee Weingart

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